Wonderful summer evening at Medley Meadows....
Jam session on the stage at Medley Meadows
Bud Break in April at Medley Meadows
Roasting hot dogs at Medley Meadows- veggie dogs available!
Ted Fulk and Jessica Thoams with Mardi Gras beads!
Unlce Bill singing Haggard with a PBR and a full moon - yee-haw!
Entrance to house set up for a wedding... aahhhhh....
Nan Easter and Donese Stultz hanging out at one of the indoor concerts.
Randy Fulk and the Concert Frogs promo for new album.
Pond redo--oooh
Still On The Hill is still one of our favorites!
Matt and Eli Myers former Concrete Frogs
Cara Percy always wins best food spread at our concerts!
Herbie on top, Gigi and Cracker - my blond playboys and little lady kitties.
Herbie on the kitty tower on a heating pad with monster amaryllis on my desk at home!
New Years day sing in!

Alternative Energy is the SOLUTION!

Along with organic
carrots...and no sticks!
Check out our new geo-thermal Water Furnace installation in
the video above! They made their promo video at our home!
With the 60% tax rebates the cost was the same as a new
heat pump. Our heat pump was 15 years old and worn out so we
replaced it with this system and love it! The best part is it
saves 60% on our electric bill!
Duke Power kiss my grits!
Traditional Folk Music of
Debra Cowan
May 18, 2013
8 PM-10 PM
$10 suggested donation
and all money goes to the
“She is blessed with a beautiful
voice and a deep appreciation for
the tradition… each song is a new
story to be shared and
Ron Olesko, host “Traditions”
WFDU, Teaneck, NJ
Bring your lawn chair and wine
and enjoy some lovely singing
under the stars at Medley
Meadow's stage.
We love folk music, wine and guests so host
house concerts at our stage when weather
permits and in our living room the rest of
the year. We support traveling troubadours
with teachable moments aimed at creating
a sustainable, green earth.
Medley Meadows Music and Vineyards
is proudly supported by a grant from
The Climate Project and Repower
America for our Community Supported
Agriculture and net zero carbon
footprint goal using passive solar,
geo-thermal, bio-diesel and
photovoltaics alternative energy
solutions (think carrot not stick).
Vivian at medleymeadows.com
Y'all come see us, hear? Directions to House